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Curbside Junk Removal

Convenient Outdoor Pickup & Disposal Services

What is curbside junk removal?

Can’t or don’t want to be there for your junk pick up? No problem… Simply set your items outside and we will take care of the rest, and for less money!

| When your time is limited

Curbside junk removal is pretty similar to standard full-service junk removal, except you do not have to be there for your appointment. Instead of our Loaders coming inside and removing your junk items from their location in your home, you place your junk outside prior to your scheduled pickup date. Simply move your items out to the front or back yard, porch, driveway, or by the curb and we handle the rest.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of curbside pickup?
When you book curbside pickup with Junker Joe, you won’t be required to be present for your junk removal appointment and the cost of removal is discounted. This allows you the option to not take time off work or waste time waiting around for your junk removal team to arrive.

At Junker Joe, we offer upfront pricing online for curbside pickup. Our goal is to make things easier and more transparent for our customers.

If you’re strapped for time and have the means to place your items outside, then this is the perfect junk removal solution for you.

How do I schedule a curbside junk pickup?

Scheduling a junk removal curbside pickup with Junker Joe is easy. You can either call (xxx) xxx-xxxx or book a pickup online. Simply provide your zip code to check local availability and then select the junk items to be removed to get a guaranteed upfront price. Next, you will be given the option to select either Curbside Pickup or In-Home Pickup. After that just continue to schedule your pickup date.

How much will I save with curbside pickup?

When you book a curbside junk removal pickup with Junker Joe, you will receive a discount of $5.00 off your total cost. Next, you will have the option of scheduling either a 4 hour arrival window or an All Day pickup window for an additional $5.00 off. After your items are removed, we will provide you with an email or SMS text notification confirming that the job was completed.

Where do I place my junk for curbside pickup?

For curbside junk removal, you will need to place your unwanted items either in your front yard, on the porch, in the driveway, or by the curb prior to your scheduled pickup time. Usually this can be done in the morning before you leave for work or step out to run other errands. If your items are heavy, please request assistance with moving to avoid injury. If you physically can’t move the items yourself or don’t have someone to help you, we recommend choosing an In-Home Pickup instead.

At Junker Joe, we take your safety seriously and moving heavy items can be dangerous. Please be responsible and use caution when moving large items.

Is curbside pickup right for me?



Don’t have to be present for pickup

Won’t need to take any time off work
No waiting on 4-hour arrival window
You get a curbside pickup $5 discount
It’s more convenient for busy people




You will have to physically haul large bulky junk items outside your home


You need to place items in front yard, driveway, or curbside prior to pickup


You won’t get a specific pickup time


You won’t get to meet our amazing, handsome and friendly junk Loaders

*While the U.S. hunkers down, we understand you may be even more interested in an outdoor pickup than before. We are here to help with full-service junk removal options in the safest environment for you and our Loaders.

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