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We’re re-imagining junk

removal and disposal.

Junker Joe has been delivering results since our opening in 2014. Our

mission is to provide exceptional service with honesty and transparency.

| Who We Are

Junker Joe deploys a large network of independently licensed and insured junk hauling professionals. Our main goal is to bring you honest and transparent upfront pricing for junk removal. Our services are typically 20% – 30% lower than most standard junk removal companies with no compromise in quality or insurance coverage. With Junker Joe, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting fully insured, trusted professionals to do your junk removal project while saving money.

We are a full-service junk removal company that provides on-demand service. We always do our best to dispose of items in the greenest way possible, whether that be through donation or recycling. By providing our service through local contractors, we’re able to enrich the economy of the communities we serve.

Junker Joe was founded in 2014 by Greg Workmon in Atlanta, Georgia who was fed up with the lack of transparency and fairness in the junk removal industry.

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Availability: USA (46 states, 160+ cities)
LoadUp can remove any items, big or small. From items as large as a jungle gym to items as small as a microwave, LoadUp has you covered. We are truly a full service solution for junk removal.
Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience and create tremendous value for all of our customers.

Meet Our Team Players

We are passionate about providing our customers with the best experience possible. From start to finish, our team works hard at building a better service for all.

Greg Workmon
Founder & CEO
Greg Workmon is the Founder and CEO of LoadUp, an innovative tech start-up that streamlined its supply chain to make the process of junk removal more convenient, affordable and transparent for consumers and e-commerce retailers. Prior to 2014, Greg was working inside sales at one of the nation’s largest waste management companies when he received countless calls from people who needed to dispose of their old mattresses.
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Meet the experts who handle all the logistics of getting rid of your old junk across the country. They work hard to make sure we provide the highest level of service by connecting you with professional Loaders that are ready and able to handle all your junk removal problems.

David Burkhead

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Getz

Director of Operations

Jimmy Fennelly

Director of Field Operations

Wes Joines

Operations Manager

Rachel Strickland

Corporate Recruiter

Meet the creative minds responsible for designing and developing our website, brand and identity. We knew we had something that could revolutionize the junk removal industry and our marketing team helped bring it to life. Today we have helped over 70,000 customers remove more than 125,000 items all across the country.

Jason Brown

Chief Marketing Officer

Tiffany Luther

Director of Marketing

Dylan Goldman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexa Amador

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tara Krishnarao

Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet the innovative folks who make it possible for you to get an actual upfront price online. These are the guys behind the scenes working hard to develop our driver app technology and logistics software. This is how we are able to connect you with our large network of drivers backed by our amazing support reps.

Riaz Virani

Chief Technology Officer

James Sral

Software Engineer

Nick Bell

Software Engineer

Ben Greenberg

Software Engineer

Amazing Customer Service

Hassle-free hauling backed by great customer service and honest pricing.

| Our Support Team Has Your Back

We believe that we have the best customer service team in the country! At its core, Junker Joe is about customer experience. We dedicate ourselves to making sure that our customers have the best junk removal experience of their lives, from start to finish.

If we fall short, we want to do everything we possibly can to make it right so that you never have to worry about a thing.

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Nationwide Junk Removal

Junker Joe provides affordable junk removal pick up and hauling services on-demand to 46 states across the US. *Not all cities serviced are listed on the map below.

| Cities We’re In

By servicing over 160 cities and surrounding areas nationwide, we’re making it easier for people to clear their homes, business and property of old and unwanted items. Many cities have strict rules regarding bulk item junk disposal but LoadUp takes care of all the hassle and logistics for you. We’re proud to provide an affordable, effortless solution that is eco-friendly.
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Why We’re Different

Unlike other junk companies, we charge by item count—not by the truckload. We’re also proud to offer pick up services as soon as next-day with upfront pricing online, instead of making customers wait for an on-site estimate to haggle with a salesman. Why make something complicated when it can be easy and stress-free?

| About Our Loaders

Our junk removal Loader teams are local contractors who know the importance of excellent service. These friendly, caring men and women are fully trained, insured and background checked before ever hitting the road with us. This ensures a fast, safe and reliable pickup experience for our customers, as well as an easy way for our pick up Loaders to earn extra income.
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| Our Green Efforts

Junk removal is all about keeping your home or business clean, safe, and beautiful. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide our customers with the most eco-friendly option available. Our go-to method of disposal for the items we pick up is charity donation or recycling. Having picked up over 63,500 items and diverting over 3 million pounds of junk from local landfills, we’re proud to do our part and take care of the planet we call home.
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| Customer Appreciation

The real MVP at LoadUp is the customer. We know it sounds corny, but we are thrilled to be able to help folks all over the U.S. with getting rid of their old, unwanted junk. Figuring out what to do with all that stuff can be overwhelming. We’re glad we can be here to help ease that burden and we sincerely thank you for all the great feedback and five star reviews.
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| Affordable Pricing

In order to keep our junk removal prices 20% – 30% lower than our competitors, we base our pricing only off of labor costs and any recycling or disposal fees in your area. This is why our prices can vary depending on location and why we may have to charge just a little extra for, especially heavy or oversized items. We also offer upfront prices online before you book an appointment so you know exactly what to expect.
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Customer Ratings & Reviews

Customer feedback from people just like you is the number one way we gauge how we’re performing and what we can do to improve our junk removal services.

One of the things our over 40,000 customers love about Junker Joe is that we send them a link to rate and review us after their pickup is complete. When we say we want to hear from our customers, we really mean it!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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